Essential Healing Massage and Pilates Vero Beach
Edie Monaghan, BSW, LMBT, MA12141, MM33909
Edie Monaghan, Holistic Bodyworker, Vero Beach. My studio is a place to unwind and align through massage, holistic bodywork, and movement therapies. I thoroughly enjoy customizing each treatment according to your needs. I offer a variety of treatments and activities that will greatly improve your flexibility, strength, and stability; which are important to being a vibrant healthy, connected being. A time for yourself to breathe in life.
Edie Monaghan, BSW, LMBT MA12141, MM33909
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2400 15th Avenue Suite 4 - Feather Vero Beach, FL 32960
“Edie is not only a consummate professional and skilled massage therapist – she has a spiritual gift and possesses mind-body knowledge that helps increase your awareness of what you can do to contribute to your own health and well-being. My mind as well as my body – is much improved since I have been working with Edie for the last three years.” - J.H. Vero Beach/New York
Testimonial To Edie Monaghan, BSW, LMT Edie Monaghan is far and away the most healing body therapist from whom I have received treatment. After decades of living with back pain, I now once again live pain free as a result of her treatment. Edie really listens to the specific feelings in your body and adapts each session to your needs that day. After a session my body feels taller and lighter. Edie truly cares about her patients and her concern and care are integral to healing. I have been to many body therapists over my 74 years and I am sincere when I say Edie Monaghan is the most skilled healer I have encountered. I encourage everyone to work with Edie for a minimum of 4 sessions and experience how much more relaxed and comfortable you can feel in your own body. - Susan G Levin 8/10/20