Essential Healing Massage and Pilates Vero Beach
Edie Monaghan, BSW, LMBT, MA12141, MM33909
It consists in modules of exercises based upon the concept of multi directional and spherical movement by using a unique pulley and weights system that enable complete freedom of movement with a three-dimensional approach GYROTONIC® exercise has an emphasis on rhythm, breath, and flowing movement, all done in a natural, gentle way with no tension. Allows postural re-education, preventive and rehabilitative, offering to alleviate, prevent and correct different body trouble among them: Back pain, headaches sciatica, hernia, scoliosis, stress, stiffness… Therefore the benefits are: Improve posture, general fitness, strength, and control Regenerating nervous system Neuro-muscular coordination Improvement of blood and lymphatic circulation Spine strong and supple Healthy and mobile joints
The GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Methods were created by Juliu Horvath as a method of rehabilitating serious injuries from his dance career. Its roots in rehabilitation makes GYROTONIC® exercise accessible to everyone from children to elderly, from dancers to athletes, and from pre-postpartum to post surgery clients.
GYROTONIC® principles embrace key elements also found in yoga, dance, swimming and martial arts. The practice lengthens and strengthens the ligaments and tendons while providing cardio and weight training, allowing the body to feel strong yet supple at all times.
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