Essential Healing Massage and Pilates Vero Beach
Edie Monaghan, BSW, LMBT, MA12141, MM33909
An important component of GYROTONIC® methodology is the GYROKINESIS® method. GYROKINESIS® movement is an active yoga class that offers similar benefits also derived from Kundalini Yoga, ballet, swimming gymnastics, acupressure and Tai-chi. The GYROKINESIS® method is yet another Juliu Horvath’s brilliant exercise creations. GYROKINESIS® exercise upholds the same principles of GYROTONIC® method, but does so without the use of equipment. A GYROKINESIS® class begins with an energizing self-massage to awaken the body and senses. The fluid movements mobilize the joints while simultaneously stretching and strengthening the body. The effect of GYROKINESIS® exercise is an increased range of motion and coordination, gently working the joints and muscles through rhythmic and undulation exercises. Postures are smoothly and harmoniously connected through the use of breath. Which make exercises appear and feel more like a dance than traditional yoga. The corresponding breathing patterns in every movement stimulate the nervous system, open up the energy pathways and oxygenate the blood.
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