Essential Healing Massage and Pilates Vero Beach
Edie Monaghan, BSW, LMBT, MA12141, MM33909
Pilates performed on equipment designed for alignment and connection will result in lengthened and strengthened muscles and joints. It benefits the spine and joints by relieving weak and overstretched muscles. This is a delight that needs to be experienced. Each session is customized to the individual, duo, or small group on a day to day basis. Clear, concise, and focused instruction is implemented resulting in a multidimensional experience helping you to accomplish your postural alignment and toning goals. The 8 movement principles incorporated are: Whole body awareness Breathing Balanced Muscle Use and Development Concentration Control Organized to move Precision Rhythm All of the above combined over the long term will result in strength, mobility, pain relief, and enhanced quality of mind body connection. All classes are apparatus based and contain some mat exercises to emphasize principles and execute specific developmental steps to apply on the apparatus.