Edie Ruth Monaghan, BSW, LMT. A long time student of holistic dynamics, with over 30 years in the healing arts, I facilitate deeper levels of self-awareness and self care. I came to the healing arts through my social work profession recognizing people needed the sense of a healthy touch. Being introduced to yoga and oriental based therapies at the age of 18 opened a path of consciousness which resulted in a life-long commitment to personal growth and healing arts and then to extend the same to others. I continue to pursue educational ventures with enthusiasm and using my own resources. I am certified in Visionary Craniosacral Work®; Neuromuscular Therapy®; and One Brain/Stress Defusion®. Beginning in 1985, my training as a Zen Shiatsu practitioner facilitated deep meditative practices and holistic healing. In 1991 I completed my training at Florida School of Massage. Then I moved to Vero Beach to become a staff therapist at the Academy of Healing Arts. Establishing my own place of business, Essential Healing Therapy, Inc., in 1998 to present time has brought me the joy of being an entrepreneur -- as being self employed is an act of great courage. I have served the international clientèle of Vero Beach with great vigor and enthusiasm which resulted in a reputation known within the community as one who could help relieve pain and restore ease. The disciplined practice resulted in the need to expand my offerings into movement therapies. I continued with my yoga training in Hatha and Ashtanga styles. Due to a knee injury I was drawn to healing joint pain with Pilates exercise therapy using equipment. After using my own resources, commuting every 3 months to Miami for an 18 month period, and a daily routine at the local studio, I completed the Core Dynamics program in Miami, FL in 2006. While in Pilates training, I discovered GYROKINESIS® floor work and became certified in GYROKINESIS® in 2007 in Miami with Juliu Horvath, the founder of this system. Continuing my fascination I certified in the GYROTONIC® PULLEY TOWER in 2011 and certified in GYROTONER® in 2014.
BSW, LMBT, MA12141, MM33909 - 2400 15th Avenue - Suite 4 - Feather - Vero Beach, FL 32960
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